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Welcome to our Membership Classes & Information Area.

If you are interested in becoming a member at Gospel Community Church feel free to follow along with the below materials to ensure you are ready for formal membership or you can use this page to simply learn more about membership and its benefits in a local Church. We hope you enjoy the materials.


Open the Below PPT Presentation and watch the corresponding 2 Video Sessions. This will help you to understand more about Biblical Membership.

Image result for powerpoint logo  Membership Teaching Powerpoint Presenation (Please open and follow along with the video teaching)

Membership Video Teaching (Session 01)

Membership Video Teaching (Session 02)


Here are some really great resources which help teach and answer many of the other questions you may still have about membership. We highly recommend that you work through these resources before proceeding to reading and completing the formal Church Membership Covenant to submit.

Image result for video icon Video: The Guys from 9 Marks discuss the foundational importance of what Membership is and why it is important.

Image result for video icon Video: David Platt talks through some questions that you may have before becoming a member

Image result for video iconVideo John Piper talks through the implications of why its important to be member of a local Church

Image result for video iconVideo J.Macarthur talks about some modern mentalities when thinking about becoming a Church member

Image result for internet iconShort Article: Wrong reasons to join a Church

Image result for internet iconShort Article: Is Church Membership Biblical?

Image result for internet iconShort Article: Why Membership Matters – Kevin DeYoung talks through some logical thoughts about the issue

Audio Sermon: Mark Dever talks about membership in a local Church


Now your at the final stage of having prayed and gone through the materials and understand what is required to become a member of Gospel Community Church. Well Done! All you need to do now is download, read and confirm that you agree with the Church Membership Covenant and bring it along to one of our next services and let us know that your ready to proceed*

Image result for internet icon Membership Covenant – Read the Membership Covenant and ensure you are clear about what is expects of all members at GCC.

Image result for internet icon Membership Candidates Checklist – Work through the checklist to ensure you are all organised for your pastoral interview.

* Triggers the beginnings of formal membership and pastoral confirmation.


Still have questions?

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