Wednesday Ministry Evenings

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This year we are going to continue (as a Church) to look at ways we can reform what we do to make our time together more profitable again. So with this in view I would like to quickly unpack for you what Wednesday nights will look like.

This video can be played while you look at the below content which was what I spoke from the Lord’s Day we unpacked what our Ministry nights would look like this year.

6.30pm-7.00pm – Corporate Prayer

7.00pm – 8.00pm – Bible Study and Questions

8.00pm Onwards – Discipleship Discussions and Pastoral Conversations

Ministry to the Lord in Prayer

Ministry from the Word of God

Ministry to One another

Monthly Dedicated Prayer Themes;

First Week of the Month (Pastoral) peoples needs, care and concerns for those in ministry other ministries, other churches and their families. Pastors, Deacons, Elders and the members of the Church. New People and Recent visitors. Those who will come to GCC in the future.
Second Week of the Month (Internal) Spiritual Growth and maturity, Growing in Gods word and prayer and spiritual disciplines etc. Pray that God would grow us spiritually and also numerically according to His will. That we would learn to use the means of grace that God has given us. To have obedient hearts and willing hearts to serve him faithfully and steward his gifts to our fullest ability. That God would give us a hunger for Him and his word and prayer about our daily physical needs. That we would be people of the spirit and not of the world or the flesh. Pray for personal sanctification and holiness to increase.
Third Week of the Month (Missional) Missions partners, Evangelism, Outreach efforts, Praying for salvations in our families, praying that we might have boldness to share the gospel, be soul winners. For revival in Churches and in our own hearts, that we would pray for a pouring out of Gods spirit across the earth and a great harvest brought into the Church for His glory.
Fourth Week of the Month (External) The Government, Our Enemies, Those in false religions. The nations of the world, For Gods will to be done among the nations of this world., Pray in relation to current world events and current legislation and issues that prayer can affect. Uphold those ungodly people and practices that continue to attract the wrath of God upon Australia and the nations of the world, That God would use the evil that men do for His good purposes.
Fifth Week of the Month (Praise) Thankfulness to God for who He is, Proclaiming His attributes and Holy Character, Worship and Reading of the Psalms that magnify Him, bringing Glory to His Name.

The opportunity exists for those who also wish to use the Wednesday as time to also fast (either a meal or for the day) before gathering for prayer.

Ideally the Reformers also believed in the value of both prayer and fasting.

Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin says that, “according to the need of the times, [pastors] should exhort the people either to fasting or to solemn supplications, or to other acts of humility, repentance, and faith” (4.12.14) On the idea of fasting as an appropriate accompaniment to prayer, he says: “Surely we experience this: with a full stomach our mind is not so lifted up to God that it can be drawn to prayer with a serious and ardent affection and persevere in it” (4.12.16). As for the notion of fasting in a time of public disaster or crisis, Calvin points to examples from scripture (noted above), concluding: “What reason is there why we should not do the same?” (4.12.17).[1]

From 8.00pm onwards will be a very important part of the evening as this will be a time for each of us to break up into smaller groups and talk and challenge one another as to how we are going.

This is the opportunity to not just get to know each other but to disciple one another to more and more Christlikeness. (See; Colossians 1:28, Romans 15:14, Hebrews 3:13, 10:24-25)

Questions like;

  • How is your walk with God going?
  • What area can I pray for you to grow in.
  • What is God challenging you on at the moment?
  • What answers to pray do you want to most see in your life right now?
  • Is there an area we can search the scriptures for right now where you need the Lord’s wisdom?
  • What are the sins that are affecting your faithfulness to God in service to Him.
  • What areas is God highlighting and convicting you about?
  • Have you been working through that at all?
  • When was the last time you shared the gospel?
  • Can you unpack what the Gospel is?
  • What did you think about the teaching tonight and what part impacted you the most?
  • What books are you currently reading apart from the Bible?
  • What are you reading in the Bible and what are you learning?
  • Are you understanding it? How are you applying it?
  • Do you keep a journal or track with what you are learning?
  • What does your prayer life look like?
  • What have you found that has been an encouragement to you about the way you approach prayer?
  • If married (How are you guys going?) Are there areas that you are struggling with that we can go to Gods word for wisdom on?
  • Can we introduce you to other couples who have worked through some of these issues?
  • In what particular way have you grown in your practice of the Christian life since we last met?
  • In what particular way do you feel that you need instruction?
  • In what particular way are you disappointed in your own pursuit of holiness?
  • Click here for a further list of other questions.

From these types of gospel-driven and discipleship related conversatoins relationships will grow and we can be of great encouragement to one another.

Ideally, it is practicing the “one another’s list of what scripture expects of each believer.

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We hope to see you very soon for our Wednesday ministry evenings.