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Q – Before I attend I want to know what you believe doctrinally?

A -Great! This is really important. Click Here to see our doctrinal statement which forms the foundation of what we teach. Please Note that we call it what we teach because everyone is growing in their knowledge of the Scriptures and of God and not all people will agree on everything exactly. As a Church we agree that we must hold primary doctrines together that are primary to our faith. Ie The Resurrection, Jesus as Exclusive Saviour, God as Father, Spirit and Son and then in relation to secondary doctrines like When the Rapture happen we know that some believers may vary in opinion but this is not to be an issue of division between us in the unity of the faith and fellowship of Christ our Lord and the effective mission of the Church to preach the Gospel.

Q – How long has Gospel Community Church existed for?

A – Gospel Community Church was established over a decade ago and was replanted approximately 6 years ago when the current Minister took on the pastorate at Mawson Lakes. The Church has maintained a consistent witness as a local group of believers who hold to the Biblical bastion of doing all for the Glory of God and the good of His people. (Colossians 3:17)

Q – Can you attend without being a member?

A – Yes of Course. Gospel Community Church does have a core group of members but Church attendance is not limited to a select few but to any who may wish to attend. It is important to note that although Church is designed for the teaching and training of Gods people it is also a public gathering of which many people attend from all types of backgrounds, cultures and ages. This is what makes the Church the Church in that it has within it people of who God has drawn and saved from every tribe, tongue and nation who know Christ as Saviour. (Revelation 7:9) Come along and see for yourself it would be great to have you come along to one of our up and coming services.

Q – Im unsure about attending for a number of reasons?

A – Attending a Church whether for the first time or if it has been a while since you came to a Church or even if the last Church you attended things may not have worked out well, we understand. We’d like to let you know that you should have a chance at asking some questions so you can fill in our Ask a question form which goes Confidentially to our Pastor who will respond to you and chat through any questions you may have. Further to this you may simply wish to come along and check out one of our services. Before you do this you can also go to our Youtube Channel and listen to a sermon also. Finally read our What we teach page to confirm that we only hold to solid Biblical Theology based on the classic councils and creeds of Church History.

Q – Why don’t you have a Children’s program?

A – We don’t host a separate Children’s Church as a part of our Sunday Morning Service as we recognise that;

  • Church is for the family unit not just for the grown ups
  • Kids can and should be a part of learning about the God of the Bible.

The benefits are;

  • Your whole family receives the same input.
  • You can talk with your kids about what they heard during the service
  • Kids learn to sit, listen, worship in God’s presence as Gods word is taught
  • Kids are encouraged to have their own Bible, notebook and pens.
  • Kids have the opportunity to practice looking up verses in their Bibles each week
  • Kids Worksheets and Stationary are available for Kids to use during the service to suit various ages and we have a play area for toddlers also in our main service area. (Please ask one of our team to access these resources and/or the toddlers area)

Infants are welcome in the service as are any children at any time. We believe children are not an interruption to a Sunday worship service.

Please Note: We have members in our Church who are Childsafe environments Accredited.

Q – Who is the Pastor and who is he accountable to?

A – Click Here to read more information on who leads and pastors this congregation.

Q – Is Gospel Community Church an independent Church or part of a Denomination?

A – For accountability’s sake, Gospel Community Church is not an independent Church but is a part of FECA (The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches in Australia) FECA is an Evangelical/Reformed Denomination and holds to the what you would expect Reformed Churches to endorse and promote in belief and practice. For more information on FECA Click Here.

Q – Can I ask some more questions before I visit/attend?

A – Yes, definitely you can fill in our Ask a question form which goes Confidentially to our Pastor who will respond to you and chat through any questions you may have.

Q – What do you believe about the Bible?

A – The Holy Scriptures (the sixty six Books of the Bible), are the inspired Word of God and our all sufficient rule for faith and practice and are given as the basis for belief, fellowship and ministry. We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, namely the Old and New Testaments in their original writings. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is infallible, inerrantly revealing the will of God concerning us, all in all things necessary to our salvation, and is absolutely supreme and sufficient in authority in all matters. The Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God’s revelation of Himself to man and does not simply contain the Word of God, but is, in reality, the complete revelation and very Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and to which nothing at any time is to be added, whether by new revelations of the Spirit, or traditions of men.so that whatever is not contained therein is not to be enjoined as an article of faith.

Q – What can I expect when I attend one of your gatherings?

A – If this is your first time at Gospel Community Church, it might be helpful to show up a little earlier than 10.00am so you can find your seat and be ready for the commencement of the service. When you arrive, come through the front room into the main sanctuary. We normally would would have people in the space before the Sanctuary doors to greet you (with a smile) Come on through and sit wherever you like and enjoy the service. As we teach from the Bible and reference to it you may want to bring your own Bible or use one of ours at a table at the back of the sanctuary. We start with a short welcome and prayer followed with some Congregational Songs where we stand and sing together. We  receive an offering (you are not obliged to give if you do not want to) along with a time of corporate prayer together. The Sermon is then given from a passage of Scripture from the book of the Bible that is currently being taught. (To check out a Sermon you can go to our Youtube page) Finally a prayer and benediction conclude the service at 11.30am (once a month we hold communion) for all believers who are in attendance.  You are welcome to join us for this on the first day of the month.

Q – Do you have to tell us your coming to Church?

A – You don’t need to tell anyone that you are coming, we will ensure that there will always be a spare seat available. However if you would like us to greet you on arrival you can fill in the Ask a question form to let us know that you are coming and we can be on the lookout for you.

Q – Do you as a fellowship celebrate Easter or Christmas?

A – As a Church we use both of these occasions to preach the gospel and are happy for all of those who might visit the Church to hear the message of Christs birth and death. (Philippians 1:18) We do not hold special services around these events but use the Lords Day service on Resurrection Sunday and the Sunday before December 25th as timely reminders to the saints as we would do every 3rd Sunday when we celebrate Communion or as is seen historically as God called the Israelite’s to celebrate particular seasons as a reminder of what God had done for them. We believe that these occasions should not be used as a cause to create division in the life of the body of Christ (1 Timothy 6:4) and adhere to the Apostolic teaching that each man/family should do as their conscience sees fit under the N.T law of liberty in Christ. (Romans 14:5-6). We do not believe that those who seek to rule anothers conscience (1 Corinthians 10:29) or bring disorder to the Church around these events or any other type of “Adiaphoria” have the best interests of the Church at heart and may even bring cause evil while endeavouring to over zealously do good. (Romans 14:16)


Still have questions?

If you want to clarify anything else feel free to click on the logo below to ask. We would love to hear from you.


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