A Call to Prayer for this Church

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As a Church we are committed to praying to the Lord for some of the following answers to prayer. Thank you for your faithful commitment to praying in unity and calling out in one voice to the Lord for these petitions. (Romans 15:5-6)

  • That God would sustain our Pastor in his ministry to the Lord and the Church, physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally to serve this Church as the Lord requires.
  • To pray that our Church location would become a centre-point of gathering for the teaching of the Gospel and the raising up of leaders to serve in the local and wider body of Christ
  • To take new opportunities for outreaching and sowing into good gospel projects that further the gospel message and the Kingdom of God.
  • For Gospel Community Church to continue to Reform so that in all we do as a Church it is more and more like what God expects of us according to the sacred rule of scripture.
  • That we would gain a growing membership in our assembly of those who are like minded as gospel partners.
  • That God would add to us serving Deacons who are able to administrate the tasks of the Church and take weight so as I can focus on the ministry of the word and prayer.
  • For Godly men to take seriously their calling to serve in the life of the Church and that we would see Men of God who are Loving husbands, Caring Fathers, and take on spiritual leadership in the life of the Church in teaching and pastoral care.

May the Lord answer these prayers according to His good grace. AMEN.


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