Why is the “American Gospel” Documentary so popular?

American Gospel: Christ Alone, Film Review

The work of Brandon Kimber and his Transition Studios adds to that growing library of excellent films which are educational, entertaining, and edifying. In American Gospel: Christ Alone, we are treated to the melding of excellence in craft with excellence in content.

American Gospel takes the high road and thoughtfully, carefully tears down every philosophy that raises itself up against the knowledge of God. This film isn’t a takedown of false gospels, it’s a dissection. There is a theological depth to this film that speaks to the theological acumen of its creator and his interviewees.

The film features voices like Ray Comfort, Mark Dever, Costi Hinn, Paul Washer, Michael Horton, and our own Steven J. Lawson and John MacArthur. Additionally, there are interviews with many people who were saved out false movements to a living hope by the true gospel.

Another feature that struck me about American Gospel was the interviews with precious suffering saints. I was frequently brought to tears by people struggling under illness who sought hope in the prosperity gospel, but after coming up empty-handed, finally found true and lasting peace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They no longer sought for God to change their circumstances but accepted that God was using their circumstances to change them.

I think suffering Christians will discover an unexpected balm in this film as they are reminded of the true hope provided in Christ Jesus, a hope which transcends suffering, sanctifies us, and increases our dependence on the Master. True and lasting joy cannot be found in the short-sighted hope of mere physical comfort. It is found in the fount of all blessing Himself, and in the trust that He is a faithful and loving God who does not cause suffering to His creatures without a loving purpose.

A Clear Gospel Message

But what stood out most to me in this documentary was the juxtaposition of truth and falsehood. Like a sparkling diamond against a black velvet backdrop, the gospel shimmers in all its glory when set against the vapid, self-serving, abominable putrescence of the false gospels presented in this film.

May the Lord use this film to open the eyes of many to the insidious wickedness of false gospels, and more importantly, to the truth of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, for His glory and for their eternal joy. And may it be a reminder to believers of the wonderful gift we have in the gospel. May it cause us to praise God with renewed thankfulness for opening our eyes to the truth.


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See  below for a 60 Minute version of the Movie on Youtube with viewers comments on how it has affected them.

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