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If you are interested in getting involved in any of our Evangelism outreaches it will be great for you to get some input from some great videos and materials to train you up to get started in starting to reach out to others with the good news of the Gospel! Feel free to follow along with the below materials to ensure you understand some of the personal challenges and promises there are for those who overcome their own fears and have compassion for others by witnessing and testifying of Gods love to the world. who should get baptised and why you would proceed with being obedient to this command of Christs. You can also use this page to simply learn more about baptism and its importance in the context of following Jesus as a born again believer of our Lord. We hope you enjoy the materials.


Listen and take notes to the below Videos to help you understand and grasp some skills and ways of thinking before you begin to join us.

Ray Comfort – Evangelism Is as Exciting as a Root Canal

The Way of the Master – What Did Jesus DO: The best way to overcome the fear of personal evangelism! Check it out.


The Way of the Master – Teaching Video on how to witness to others and examples from street preaching to see how it all works.

The Way of the Master – Teaching Video on the urgency of sharing your faith with others.


The Way of the Master – Why do people fall away after they have been witnessed to and what does real salvation look like?

The Way of the Master – Discussing how to respond to people as you witness of the Gospel


See what some of the results that have happened in the past; Evangelism Testimony:


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